Linda L. Lester,

Linda L. Lester Investment Properties

Linda was born in San Jose and raised on the family home ranch on Almaden Road in the Willow Glen area.  She is part of a third generation fruit growing family here in Santa Clara Valley.  At one time, the Lester family were one of the largest producers of Prunes in the Santa Clara Valley.  The Lester’s also grew, processed and sold Apricots, Cherries and Walnuts.  

After years of fruit production and with the 80+ year old fruit bearing trees dying off, it made sense for Linda’s family to stay in Silicon Valley and to eventually develop their land.  Since the 1960’s, Lee Lester, Linda’s dad, had a vision for eventual development in the Valley, leading his family into Commercial Real Estate, and to this day, Linda continues on with the Real Estate investment vision lead by her father – Lee Lester.

Linda’s father was a philanthropist, and Linda is happy and proud to continue that legacy by helping to nourish the lives of those who have special needs or are underserved.  

"Ever since I was a child, I have felt inspired to help others and it has become a true passion for me.  Unity Care is one organization that gives me an opportunity to give a "hand up" to enhance the lives of our youth, and to enable them to experience independence and the joy of living a happy, deserving and fulfilling life.  It pleases me to see first hand, just how much of a difference I am making in the lives of so many."

-Linda L. Lester